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New music is our jam.

Stream exclusive music from your favorite artists,

and collect NFT album art.

Available only for a limited time, only for true fans.

Coming Soon...

Biscuits n Groovy is launching September 17 with our first exclusive music drop!

Buy and stream the tracks here, and receive a limited-edition digital album cover free with each purchase. Backed by blockchain technology (NFTs), these digital artworks are uniquely your own and can't be found anywhere else. Start your collection, support your favorite artists, and show the world you #FeelTheGroove

How It Works

New Music
on artists' terms

We partner with your favorite artists to debut their unreleased music exclusively on BnG. They choose how long to offer the release, and what to charge.

Stream Here
for a limited time

We're not another unlimited subscription. Purchase the music you want to hear, and stream with us while it's hot. This allows artists to be paid directly and fairly.

Collect & Share
your exclusives

After our release window expires, we no longer stream the music, but you keep an collectible digital album cover, backed by an NFT. Build your library and share with friends or other fans!

Jam On:

Our Signature Playlist

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